Review – Noah Hoehn – NOAH (RIFT)

By Kaleb Bronson, RIFT.

A picturesque view of a perplexing man’s mind; NOAH. Traveling through Noah Hoehn’s debut album NOAH, one might find themselves in a transcendent state, a state of bewilderment, yet intrigue. This album pulls in the hypnotic beats of a jungle dance, but also offers lyrical imagery of love, loss and future harmony.

Hoehn’s percussion background is quite prevalent throughout this record, he uses some instruments that are not heard during normal coffee house conversation such as the dhol drum, glass marimba, udu drums, caxixi, to name only a few. The consistent looping throughout the album offers many bubble gum layers for the listener to mentally chew upon.

The intro of the album launches into a futuristic teleportation of harmonic layers and specific rhythmic concepts. It gives a cyber-snapshot of what is to come for the rest of the record. The complexity of this album makes one guess as to how he could’ve afforded to create it, but Hoehn raised the funds and built a studio in his home to record his debut album, which cannot be heard within the intricate sounds of the production, it is crisp.

Throughout the album the consistent rhythm shines on each track, not an album for those who want to only pick up the single. Although, if one were to choose a track to test drive, take “My Escape.” The story of revelatory liberation from a lover he once had. The bluesy charm intertwined with the lyrical flight allows for a listener to truly feel his emotional landscape.

The important concept to understand with this album is that the listener can feel the open-ended emotion. The stories of lost love allow drifting and understanding, like rooting for the underdog in a cinematic masterpiece. The elusiveness drives through each track, like watchable a 1980s film soundtrack, ending with “Climb Your Tree.” This calm track vividly and dramatically sets the listener free, offering a path to true love and freedom.

“NOAH” rescues the listener and allows them to soar through each track absorbing affection, feeling and fervor. Noah Hoehn has a mystifying mind that incomprehensible.



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